Emirati Auto Show Blings Gold Bentley

In a glitz race to see who owns the most outrageous symbol of unrestrained wealth, a white gold plated Bentley sports coupe was recently featured at a United Arab Emirates auto show.

The car, which takes on a yellow gold hue when displayed under special lighting, is still “under wraps” as far as pertinent details go. These details include how much gold went into making this car, which represents the limits of ostentatious wealth representation of a region of the world – where the creation of the wealth is due to how much fossil fuels can be pumped or siphoned out of the ground – or seabed, as the case may be.

The car is said to be a Bentley model 66GTS sports racing coupe that is powered by a 626 horsepower supercharged engine and capable of accelerating the car from 0 to 62 mph in only 3.5 seconds. It can reach a top speed of 230 mph, which is not at all eco-friendly.

Unlike our previous white gold-plated Emirate job, a Mercedes Benz V 10 Quad Turbo sports coupe with a 1,600 hp engine that runs on bio-fuel, this gold plated pride of British engineering runs only on the refined black stuff that is said to be one of the causes of both global warming and climate change, and causing a “warmer future” for us all.

Putting these types of cars in their proper places, it doesn’t appear that many types of green or energy saving autos are popular in countries where fuel is still plentiful and much less expensive than in other parts of world. This includes a Saudi-Korean gas guzzling SUV, called the Gazi.

The Gazi,  which is being “specially designed” to meet the driving demands of   wealthy oil sheiks, may itself one day be gold plated as well.

But in respect to this gold plated Bentley, whose value is yet to be announced, at least it might be possible to make this car in hybrid version, to be more energy and environment conscious.

But then again, it’s like the old saying at a Rolls Royce dealership when the sales representative tells a prospective buyer: “my dear fellow –if you ask how much petrol this car consumes, it’s simply not for you!”